Individual horoscope (birth chart + forecast) – 400 $
This chart is made by an astrologer for a specific case (person) in accordance with time and space parameters referring to this person. It is a combination of birth and forecast charts, giving a complete picture of the horoscope’s owner’s personality and current situation.

Birth chart (horoscope) – 200 $
This chart is made by an astrologer based on detailed birth data, i.e. date, time and place of event. A starting point for interpretation of the horoscope is a radix, i.e. graphic presentation of positioning of the Sun, Moon, planets and several other elements at the moment of one’s birth in relation to a specific point on the Earth. This way we take into account both time and space. It results from the assumption that only one event can take place at a given time and in a given place of the three-dimensional space that is available to us. This is why each horoscope is unique. It can be compared to a kind of an operating manual of a human, being a creature functioning on many levels: physical, emotional, feeling-based, intellectual, and spiritual, as well as in many domains of not virtual but real game our life is, such as professional carrier, family, finances, hobbies, health, children, self-fulfilment. It is said that our birth chart is a map of potentials that we receive at the moment of our birth. Astrology is a very practical tool that allows us to avoid many mistakes in our lives, or at least minimise their effects. We must accept the fact that – no matter how much we try – it is not possible to avoid all suffering and problems in our world. There is, however, one thing that will not be nullified in any way. It is knowledge about us. And this is the most important thing that astrology can offer us. Well interpreted chart lets us diagnose all infirmities of our imperfect nature, but also shows us how we can achieve our individual development in full. Radix (lat. root) can be made not only for humans but also for events, such as establishment of a Company or starting any kind of a project, establishment of a country, accident or any other situation that can be placed in time and space. In order to prepare a professional horoscope we need specific data. If we talk about a place – name of a locality is enough. Time, however, should be as specific as possible. Usually, 10-15 minutes accuracy is sufficient, but sometimes this kind of tolerance is a reason of mistakes in the horoscope.

Prognostic horoscope – 200 $
To order a prognostic horoscope it is advisable to first make analysis of a birth chart, so if you are here for the first time you should order an individual horoscope first. Prognostic horoscope is a dynamic approach to a birth chart and is its natural consequence. Contrary to the popular views, astrology does not determine events, behaviours or life path of a chart’s owner. It does indicate development of specific tendencies at a given time, though. Horoscope is a forecast, and not a prophecy. It’s not even about forecasting what
will happen, but rather what may happen. As a result it is not about limiting one’s free will. It is just the opposite – we are talking about the way one’s free will may be used in an optimal manner. The system I adopted assumes first interpreting birth chart and then discussing the future. My forecasts refer to the period of 3-4 years. I refer also to the past, which allows for verification of the value of astrology as science. It also results from the fact that the future is a result of the past, it is its continuation, and what we call presence is just a moving point on the spiral timeline. It is a real challenge to perceive our lives as a whole, where nothing happens just by chance. There is a plan, a higher plan of our life. We do have free will, but it is limited. Not everything that we desire may happen. In the face of decisions that we must take, we don’t have unlimited palette of possibilities, there are at most a few available to us. Probability of some of them is higher than of the other ones. Time is running in cycles. In accordance with a many centuries old astrological tradition each of the cycles represents clearly defined categories that define what our life is about, such as intellectual development, social development, our feelings, emotions, partnership, etc. Their development flows in rhythms specific for each of them. In order to prepare a prognostic horoscope an astrologer applies several methods, making results achieved using each of them overlap one another in a way. The process is rather laborious, but effective enough to make it worth all the efforts.

Comparative horoscope – 400 $
Analysis of two or more individual horoscopes that helps discover how their owners may affect one another. It shows method of avoiding risks and manners of development intensification. It can be prepared for all kinds of relationships: marriages, partnerships, student-teacher, work-mates, HR advice for companies, supervisor-superior, and parents-kids (including or in particular when the kids are adopted). The report consists of 3 parts: description of personality of both persons in respect of the relationship, description of compatibility of both horoscopes/people, and forecast.

Event horoscope (electional) – 100 $
It helps select a good moment for a planned event, such as e.g.: wedding, contract signature, important meeting, starting and enterprise, medical surgery.
When ordering this kind of a horoscope you need to let me know what kind of event we are talking about, estimated time span, birth data of main participants of the event and the event location.

Jonas Cycle – 50 %
The cycle defines rhythm of fertile days in the Moon phases cycle specific for each woman that is another cycle in each woman’s life, next to the menstruation cycle. This method allows for determining sex of a child.