I’ve been interested in astrology for a very long time. As far as I remember it all started in the primary school times. At that time there were no materials on astrology easily accessible in Poland. I had other hobbies of course, one of which was reading books in the amounts making me almost a bookaholic. I was lacking a key that would allow me systematise all the knowledge I already had and was still planning to gain, though. A key that would help me perceive a human life and the world as a well organised whole.

Luckily in the spring of 1993 I bought a book „Outline of natal astrology” by Alexander von Pronay and soon I knew this was it. Before that, somewhere in 1989 I also tried to read something on this topic. The most serious book was “Mandala of Life” by Leszek Weres and Rafał Prinke. But it was the “Outline of Natal Astrology” wat the first book that had the nature of a real manual. Already while reading it I calculated and drew my own chart, which made me feel there really was something about it. In the Autumn 1993 I started studying astrology at the Polish branch of the Russian-American International Academy „INTERCOLLEGE” in Łódź. Lectures were usually given by Krzysztof Kapelak, and sometimes by Jarosław Gronert (both of them being students of Leszek Weres), and by a famous Russian astrologer Michał Lewin. Classes with him were particularly instructive. We had classes also with other lecturers, focusing on such topics as tarot, numerology, work with Energy, massage, reading people based on their looks and clothes, etc., but I was particularly fascinated with the queen of the sciences as astrology was referred to in the old times. I continued my studies after I graduated from the Academy, but I was mainly reaching out for the astrological literature that by that time had become much more commonly available. Step by step I started making horoscopes for others.

I started professional astrological practice at the end of the ’90. At the beginning it was my additional job, but with time it has become my main profession.

Since 1998 I’ve been practicing aikido (black belt since 2006) and I’m a teacher of this martial art. I prefer healthy lifestyle and have been vegetarian since 1989. I like physical activity in the open air, and from time to time I like to venture deep in the forest and wild backwoods.

I’ve graduated from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw. During my studies I paid special attention to ontology and epistemology, but also – or maybe in particular – to philosophy of science. Thus, the title of my Master’s Thesis: “Philosophical issue of demarcation – how to differentiate between what is and what is not the science”.

I’ve established Astrological Research Institute „AstroLab” and I’m the Institute’s President. Activities of the Institute allow me to actively pursue my interest in astrology and philosophy of science.